How many times in a month has this happened to you because you weren’t planning correctly?

It’s Monday morning the start of the work week and you can’t get out of bed. You set the alarm the night before for 6:00 a.m. to only hit the snooze button so many times before you fly out of bed because you’re running late again.

Your mind is spinning because you have to be across town in an hour, but you still have to make lunches, take a shower, pack your work and gym bag, and drop the kids off.

There’s no time to do it all and you can kick yourself for not taking care of everything when you had the time last night.

We’ve all done this and we all know our mornings would be so much easier if we didn’t feel so rushed.

Here are some helpful planning tips.

If you incorporate a few simple tasks into your nightly routine you can finally get off the morning hamster wheel.

Hitting Snooze Button

Jump Start Tomorrow with These Planning Tips

Just adding these five simple things to your routine the night before can help you ease into your day and with less stress; even when you’re running late.

  • Check your schedule
  • Select what you’re going to wear
  • Gather everything you need for work
  • Pack our layout your gym clothes
  • Make your lunch

You’re looking at less than 45 minutes of your time the night before vs. having to find that same amount of time or more in the morning when you’re still half asleep.

I know you’ve heard some version of these suggestions before, so why aren’t you doing any of them?

Let me provide you a few reasons why you should give them a try and how they make planning easier.

Check your schedule. Do this every night to make sure you’re not missing any activities or appointments for you or your family. This will also give you an opportunity to add additional task or remove items that no longer need your attention.

Wardrobe Preparation. Select what you’re going to wear the night before. This includes undergarments, socks, hosiery, shoes, and accessories. Place your outfit in the same location every day. This tip alone can save you 15 to 20 minutes each morning.

Before I started doing this I found myself standing in my closet staring at my clothes for 5 to 10 minutes wondering what to wear. Eventually getting frustrated because I couldn’t find the accessories I wanted to wear.

There goes another 5 to 10 minutes!

Gather Everything You Need for Work. Place everything you need into your work bag or backpack. This includes your planner, journals, laptop, power cords, reading material and documents you need to review.

Now you’re pretty much guaranteed not to sit down at your desk at work to realize you left your laptop on your table at home.

Gym Bag. If you have a home gym, lay out your clothes the night before and place them in a location so you can see them upon waking up.  If you’re planning to work out in the evening, make sure your clothes and shoes are laid out so you can slip right into them when you get home.

If you’re going to the gym put everything in the bag and set it next to your work bag. The last thing you need is another excuse not to exercise.

Make Your Lunch. This is one of those things that if done faithfully can save you not only time but money. Packing your lunch, the night before will save you a lot of time in the morning. Better yet, try to prep a week worth of lunches on Sunday. 

Talk about being ahead of the game!

Just remember, you don’t have to commit to doing all of these suggestions all at once.

Select one and keep doing it every night until it becomes a habit. When you’re ready add another one to your routine.

So now, are you wondering where are you going to find some additional time?

Let me help you out with that right now!

Let me explain first.

A few weeks ago, I participated in an organizing workshop given by Donata White. In our first session, we were given the task to determine where all our hours were going each week.

I never thought about how much time we had in a week until she said the magic number 168. No one gets any more or any less. We all start with the same number of hours every Sunday.

After completing the assignment, it opened my eyes to all the time I was wasting.

I was so excited to see my number that I decided I wanted to create a FREE printable you could use to determine where your time was going and find you more time for your nightly routine.

So, what are you waiting for girlfriend!!!

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